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Local Resources Network

Membership fees

The LRN operates with an annual membership fee structure.

Organisation Type Annual Fee


  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Local employers organisations
  • Consultancies / service providers




Independent democratically elected trade unions & national trade union federations



Local manufacturers and producers




Sourcing companies and other organisations (academic and policy institutions)

     - Member of ETI, IEH and DIEH £150
     - Non members of ETI, IEH and DIEH £300


NB! Local NGOs can apply for a fee waiver based on their size and financial status. Please contact us to apply for the fee waiver. If you have questions about the fees, please contact us at:

The Local Resources Network reserves the right to review fees periodically.

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Whether you’re a multi-national company, an established local manufacturer or start-up, trade union, employers’ association, service provider, research organisation or NGO, our network will bring you together to benefit both workers and business in a virtuous ethical circle.

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