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Local Resources Network

Open webinar: Why become an LRN member? An introduction to the LRN

This webinar will introduce you to our people, our work and our online platform and run through the benefits of becoming a Local Resources Network member.

20th September 2016, 10:00 - 11:00am CEST
Free and open to all.
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The Local Resources Network is an online networking and knowledge platform connecting buying and supplying companies to credible local experts and organisations who have valuable local knowledge, experience and skills in supply chain remediation, ethical trade and due diligence.

Our Local Advisors are ready to support buyers and suppliers on-the-ground in their efforts to improve the working and environmental conditions in their supply chains.

LRN members can also access key country briefings and other valuable insights through webinars, workshops and articles.

This webinar will explain the LRN in more detail and run through the benefits of joining for both buyers and suppliers as well as local advisors.

The LRN is a joint project of the UK, Norway and Danish Ethical Trade Initiatives.

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